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We have grown together with farmers across Indonesia, raising awareness, thwarting myths, transcending stereotypes and promoting meaningful practices to express gratitude to our farmers.


Welcome to MRI.

We are an Ethanol factory with the largest market share in Indonesia

MRI has been manufacturing ethanol and Spirtus since 1965 with a food grade ethanol production capacity of 80,000 KL per year. With this large production capacity, MRI is the largest ethanol producer in Indonesia with food grade quality.

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With the Company's Group experience in the field of ethanol since 1965, Molindo already has "brand recognition" for food grade quality ethanol, both in the domestic and international markets.

Molindo ethanol production with Prima and Super quality and Extra Super has been widely used by many large companies that produce cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and medicines, medical devices, cosmetics as well as alcoholic beverages and printing companies. This product is branded Molindo Ethanol.

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