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About Mri

PT Molindo Raya Industrial is a company manufacturing ethanol and Spirtus, which has been established since 1965 with a capacity to produce food grade ethanol of 80,000 KL per year.

PT Molindo Raya Industrial's ethanol production with Prima and Super and Extra Super qualities has been widely used by many large companies producing cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and medicines, medical devices, cosmetics as well as alcoholic beverages and printing companies. This product is branded Molindo Ethanol.

PT Molindo Raya Industrial currently has a market share of ethanol of around 55% of the national ethanol market.

To ensure the need for raw materials derived from sugar cane drops, PT Molindo Raya Industrial has established very good relationships and cooperated with Sugar Factories throughout Indonesia. PT Molindo Raya Industrial continues to increase the capacity and quality of ethanol production by adding to the molasses treatment process at the beginning of the production process so that the sugarcane drops used can produce cleaner and more maximum yields.


Our strength

Our encouragement

Our goal

Our results

our vision

Being the leading and best integrated ethanol industry company in Asia Pacific, both in product quality and in standard production practices.

our mission

  • Producing and providing high quality products by operating an integrated and attentive manner since the plantation and processing to marketing.
  • Increase high competitiveness among ethanol producers in the Asia Pacific.
  • Ensuring the entire production process from upstream to downstream, following the principles of quality management and environmentally friendly, and supported by professional organizations and human resources.
  • Carry out all activities of the Company by always relying on efforts to fulfill the interests of all shareholders.

Board of Commissioners

Drs. Indra Winarno, Msi Komisaris Utama
Drs.  Indra Winarno, Msi
Ir. Sandojo Rustanto Komisaris
Ir.  Sandojo Rustanto
Handjojo Rustanto Komisaris
Handjojo Rustanto
Henny Rustanto Komisaris
Henny Rustanto
Andri Julianto Komisaris
Andri Julianto
Eveline Rustanto Komisaris
Eveline Rustanto

Dewan Direksi dan Vice President

Adikin Basirun Direktur Utama
Adikin Basirun
Adi Witjaksono Direktur
Adi Witjaksono
Nachimuthu Gopalakrishnan Direktur
Nachimuthu Gopalakrishnan
Jose G. Tan Direktur
Jose G. Tan
Rosa Indra Vice President
Rosa Indra
Imam Hadi Purnomo, SH Vice President
Imam Hadi Purnomo, SH

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