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Our Quality

In producing high grade ethanol with a high purity level of up to 99.9%, quality is an intolerable thing.

With experience and reputation since the company was founded in 1965, the level of product quality / quality standards from PT Molindo Raya Industrial has been increasing and is constantly being maintained.

In producing Ethanol, PT Molindo Raya Industrial uses cane molasses or sugar cane raw materials, through a process of fermentation and distillation to produce high grade quality ethanol. The quality control process is carried out from the nursery process, planting crops at the plantation, and processing and testing in our factory.



The development of human quality is what we do every day. By instilling self-awareness in all actions, all activities are carried out carefully

Continuous Improvisation

There is no day without our engineers and research staff conducting various tests to find new formulations in order to produce the best products for our customers

Customer Focus

Our priority is very clear, which focuses on the success and smooth running of our customers' business when using products from our production

Maintaining Integrity

Integrity has become a principle of every human being in our company. With the moral and integrity values that continue to be fostered, our company guarantees the best quality products

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